Monthly Archives: February 2017

Where We Are Now

I was in New York recently, and the cab driver noticed me looking around and
asked if there was something bothering me. I could kind of tell what he was
thinking — he had a beard and a turban, and there was quiet chanting in
Arabic coming out of a speaker somewhere. I told him that I was looking at
the snow — that where I live, we don’t see snow very often, so this
was interesting to me. Which was true — it was beautiful.

Anyway, when we got to the hotel, and I was paying, I asked, “Is it

And he said it was. So I said, “Good idea, with all this traffic.”

And he said, “Good idea anyway.”

And I agreed: “These are terrible days.” And he agreed with that.

I am so sad that we are being pitted against each other the way we are these
days, so I am doing what I can to remind us — although I am preaching to
the choir by writing to foodies — that diversity is delicious.